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Understand, which parts of your website really generate clicks

Real-time tracking

Octavius counts all the clicks on your website and makes them accessible in real-time. It visualizes which parts of your website work, now.


Octavius knows all structures of your website. It tells you which boxes are clicked most, which teaser-formats are most profitable and on which page of a slider a click was made.


Octavius lets you analyze all aspects of your site, based on the clicks your visitors are making. It tells you what works to keep them on your site, and what doesn’t.

And … it's completely anonymous. No cookies, no personalized tracking, no IPs. Just plain numbers.


What Octavius counts, and why.

  • Counting Structures

    Know what makes people click

    Your website is built out of several components: You have a navigation, several menus, a sidebar, different boxes that present your content, like teasers, sliders, lists, next-article-links.

    Common tracking tools don't tell you which of these Links the users clicked on, when they move through you site. Octavius does. Octavius counts:

    • Page-Type
      (like Homepage, Category, Article …)

    • Page-Region
      (like Sidebar, Footer …)

    • Box-Type
      (like Slider, related Article …)

    • Teaser-Format
      (like Teaser with Image, Title only …)

    • Relative Position
      (first Teaser in the Box, or second …)

    • Screen
      (first Screen, second Screen …)

    • Device
      (like Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

  • Real-Time

    Know what works, right now

    Publishing on the web is getting faster and faster. Sometimes a story goes viral in just a few minutes and it could be crucial to know that.

    Common tracking tools either don't have Real-time analysis or it's just within their own backend. Octavius brings real-time data right into the backend of your editorial system, right where you work.

  • A/B/C/D … Testing

    Evaluate, adjust, evaluate

    Knowing which parts of your website make people click is just the first step. With the gathered numbers you can start to adjust your website.

    Or, you can try to speed up the process, by making A/B tests. Octavius allows you to create variants for teasers, including teaser-title, teaser-text and teaser-images. You can name the variants like for example "serious teaser", "funny teaser" or "cliffhanger teaser", and Octavius will tell you which variant works better.

    The same will be available for other parts of your website, like boxes or sidebars.

  • Know


How Octavius works

Our Servers

The actual tracking is done on our NodeJS-servers. You don’t have to take care of anything


Octavius is already available via the WordPress plugin repository:
Octavius rocks!


Octavius will be available for Drupal this summer.

Octavius just started the closed beta phase. All subscribers to our newsletter will get beta-keys soon.

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